‘A person who works for another in order to learn a trade’

Apprenticeships are work-based courses which are designed to meet the needs of employers.
An apprenticeship is all about working and learning skills on the job. Delivery of the apprenticeship should be carried out in a way that suits the employer and the Apprentice using a tripartite model.

Employers are responsible for Apprentices within the workplace. They will need to:

  • Issue a Contract of Employment
  • Give a formal induction setting out their role and provide on the job training
  • Work with HB Training to identify how the programme can best meet the needs of your Apprentices and your business: including additional qualifications, employability skills and other support needed
  • Ensure apprentices have opportunities to be assessed when visited by their Training Consultant
  • Ensure your apprentice’s wages meet National Minimum Wages guidelines
  • Be available or provide a supervisor/mentor to review the apprentice’s progress with your Training Consultant
  • Provide a safe working environment complying with current Health & Safety legislation
  • Take a full and active role in the skills development of the Apprentice
  • Work with the Apprentice and HB to ensure skills are developed at a pace that suits all partners
  • Release the apprentice to attend HB off the job training days for specific training needs
  • If you have any questions about apprentice’s employment rights or workplace issues please contact ACAS for advice. Most questions can be answered by the ACAS Helpline Online service at: , or you can contact ACAS directly by phone on 0300 123 1100 If you have any questions you can contact the HB Training office on 01437 765597 or your Training Consultant who can provide you with further information


Why are apprentices so important?

HB Training – Why are apprenticeships important?

HB Training – Why are apprenticeships important?

Posted by HB Training Wales LTD on Friday, 26 August 2016


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